Anarchism is order

“Anarchy is order without power.” – Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865)

We reject the modernist, individualist and chaotic “anarchism”. These individualist and chaotic elements view nonchalance and a lack of responsibility as “anarchist principles”. We base our hope on other fighters who remained loyal to the essence of anarchism. Social solidarity and individual freedom only come to full display within a harmonious development. Too often the anarchist individualism-principle is mis-interpreted and is confused as a lack of responsibility. While with freedom actually comes responsibility.

Individualist and chaotic “anarchists” exploit the individualism-principle as an excuse for their own ego and a chaotic condition. A strong dynamic association and organisation around a shared cause and identity is a necessary condition for the struggle against authority. The emancipation of the people’s masses is only possible through the struggle of the anarchist organisation against the system of opression, for the realization of a free and anti-statist society. Authority is always connected with the exploitation of the people and so the state has to be replaced by a federalist system in which the people govern themselves. Local communities are brought together in provinces, provinces in nations and nations within even larger federalist alliances. However within this federation no other insitution then the local community will have authority over the individual.

It’s about time that anarchism leaves the swamps of disorganization and starts working towards a recognizable collective goal to realize an organized collective practice. In social as well as political regard the anarchist society must be of a collective nature. Against the unresponsible individualism it puts the principle of collective responsibility.

Anarchists have always rejected centralism, because the state and authority undermine initiative, creativity and the free spirit, to create a slavish spirit of submissiveness. Against this centralism anarchism puts federalism. Federalism is based on the voluntary agreement of individuals and communities who work together towards a shared goal. The strength of the federal basis is that no rights exist without obligations. It doesn’t only secure the rights of each individual, but also demands that obligations must be kept and collective decisions are implemented. Federalism brings the independence and initiative of individuals in accordance with a common cause.

The idea of anarchism is not an invented abstraction, nor an utopia, but originated from the deepest desires of the people for freedom. These desires are best reflected during the most heroic periods of life and struggle. The weakness of anarchism has always been its problem of organisation. Only by the realization of a non-bureaucratic form of organisation that is based on the principles of ongoing collective responsibility and collective action, the anarchist struggle can be linked to the direct action of each individual warrior of the anarchist ideal.



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